Shrewsbury, Missouri Foundry
Prototype / Production
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Sand castings and permanent mold castings are being produced at Carr Lane Castings, a foundry built to replace Brentwood Castings, Inc. With 22,000 square feet, the facility includes a new sand cast system, which offers a higher quality of molds, produced from sand.
Carr Lane Castings employs the skilled craftsmen from the original Brentwood Castings, with combined 200 years of experience in all areas of pattern making.
The crew is well versed in the areas of both
production casting and artwork and fabrication. They've been doing both for more than 50 years.
Carr Lane Castings provides a fast turnaround, high quality and a wide variety of resources. We can cast your products or artwork in aluminum, bronze or zinc alloys. Carr Lane Castings supplies the complete package, including making patterns and machining them.
contact Carr Lane Castings for raw castings or finished assemblies, whether it be hammers, industrial components, or beautifully finished sculptures or plaques.

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